Innovation Pathway

Adaptive Design is the key to innovative healthcare practices

Simplifying Success in Healthcare

*Empower leadership to develop a value driven culture

*Revitalize the point-of-care to adapt to the continually changing needs of patient care

*Innovate to increase financial strength and stability


Follow this Pathway and it’s as easy as 1-2-3-

1) Discover opportunities in just a few days 

In a 90-minute workshop, our team introduces you to a culture of simple adaptive practices. We then partner with senior leadership to observe and gain new insights into your organization.

Next, we enable leadership to validate these experiences to help you understand the tools and skills needed to  lead you towards value-centered, Ideal Patient Care. The outcome: your team now has the information needed to decide on moving forward to create a Center of Value and Excellence.

2. Develop a Center of Value and Excellence – CoVE.

Adaptive Design empowers your management and frontline to develop the skills necessary to succeed. We keep things simple, safe and repeatable on every level. We enable your team to observe and adapt in real time with confidence and efficiency. The results: measurable evidence of great care at continually lower cost.

3) Deliver results by replicating and scaling your CovE. In 3-4 short months, you will have the information you need to see the power of Adaptive Design. The next step is to replicate and scale that success.  As the culture of success becomes more familiar, the pace accelerates, resulting in increased savings, safer healthcare practices and retention of highly skilled staff, clinicians and management.

Now the organizational transformation is in your hands!