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Dr. Kenagy speaks with authority and passion on how to tackle today’s healthcare challenges through Adaptive Design. He has brought his unique experience and knowledge to bear in addressing over 200 organizations. Such diverse groups as Mayo Health System, Harvard University, U.S. Army Medical Command, the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, and Microsoft have benefited from his insights. His interactive keynotes are designed to get the audience to start thinking on a new level.

Here are some of his topics:

  • Value-Driven Care: How to Rapidly Provide More Care for Less Cost
  • Patient Experience: Partner to Meet Patient Needs Ideally
  • Sense, Respond, Adapt: Manage the Unpredictable in Real-Time
  • How to Design, Do and Improve Across the Care Continuum
  • Culture: Build Physician and Staff Accountability to Thrive at the Point-of-Care
  • Centers of Value and Excellence: CoVE’s and the Future of Healthcare

Here is a sampling of Dr. Kenagy’s presentations that are not found on our YouTube Channel:

  1. How To Reduce the Cost of Harm and Impact the Bottom Line podcast on 2/3/15
  2. The Innovation Engine podcast on 10/17/14
  3. PlexusCall: Deconstructing Disruption podcast on 8/15/14
  4. The Colorado Health Symposium keynote on 8/8/13


These Sense/Respond/Adapt workshops are designed for leadership, management, staff, and physicians in healthcare and related industries. The workshops include copies of the book Designed to Adapt: Leading Healthcare in Challenging Times.

Half-Day Management Workshop
This half-day workshop is a 4-hour learning session. Key concepts of Adaptive Design and its methods, skills, and tools are introduced in this session.

  • Accelerating healthcare innovation: What works, what doesn’t, and why?
  • Understanding disruptive and adaptive innovation
  • Identifying & eliminating barriers to innovation
  • Mastering Adaptive Design
  • Managing the unpredictable
  • Rekindling trust, optimism and joy in healthcare.

You can expect these learning outcomes:

  • Know why and how to adapt to the unpredictable.
  • Understand why most organizations are perfectly designed not to adapt.
  • Learn how to create value-driven, competitive advantage in healthcare.

Full-Day Management Workshop
This workshop provides a practical, hands-on learning session that utilizes engagement and experiential learning to solve real-life business problems. It includes insightful case studies and interactive, discussion-based learning  to maximize your team’s capabilities. It’s divided into two parts.

Part One: Diagnosing the Problem – Adaptive Innovation in Healthcare

  • Characteristics of organizational success in unpredictable environments
  • What you need to know about Sense/Respond/Adapt Innovation
  • The structures, methods, tools, and mindsets that drive innovation.

Part Two: Designing the Solution – Adaptive Design for 21st Century Healthcare

  • Execution: The missing link in business model innovation.
  • Adaptive Design: What is it, how does it work, how do you start?
  • Managing reality: Sense/Respond/Adapt in a unpredictable world.

You can expect these learning outcomes:

  • Learn how solutions become problems.
  • Understand the threat and opportunity of Disruptive Innovation.
  • Discover how to balance and diversify your opportunities.
  • Gain competitive advantage through management-led, frontline-driven innovation.
  • Design your action plan – what to do tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year.


Our webinar series introduces Adaptive Design, as well as builds on the established knowledge of this system! It is a three-part program designed to guide and extend your current Lean expertise to achieve the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation for “continuous learning healthcare”. This series is held live, and not pre-recorded. (Each webinar is 60 minutes in length.)

  • Accelerating Your Lean journey: What Would Happen If Toyota Acquired Your Hospital?
    How can you quickly accelerate your Lean journey to lead US healthcare? You will use Dr. Kenagy’s unique 2-year Harvard Business School experience working directly with Toyota experts to answer that question in webinar #1.
  • Creating the “Apple” of US Healthcare – Secrets of Continuous Learning for Healthcare Leadership
    95% of US companies fail to develop significant growth from internal innovation. But Apple consistently does what the rest don’t. What are the steps your healthcare organization can take that kind of innovative capacity? Starting with what you learned from webinar #1, Dr. Kenagy will show you how your healthcare organization can use continuous learning to extend your Lean capability to become the Apple of US healthcare.
  • Adaptive Design: How to Lead the Nation in High-Value Care in One Year
    Leading US healthcare is a choice you can make. Webinar #3 pulls it all together with the specific steps your organization can take over the next year to lead the nation in providing more and better care at continually less cost.

Experience Adaptive Design Online Learning Course

Experience Adaptive Design (EAD) is an interactive online training course that incorporates video & book learning with real-world group discussions. The course is appropriate for any healthcare environment. The objective: rapidly develop everyone in your organization to deliver Ideal Patient Care and continually lower costs.

Here is the EAD Online Course FAQ with details of the course. You can view the EAD website homepage (this is a password protected site).

“As an organization we participated in the beta-testing for Experience Adaptive Design in that fall of 2012. Our experience was positive. I see it being very beneficial to our staff who are very busy in their daily work, and the EAD product allows us to complete the learning on our time…they (learners) are able to work at their own pace and they are able to bring that back to their practical workplace at the frontline.”
Sheila Tumily
Senior Project Manager for Quality, UnityPoint Clinic, Iowa

“Going medical home prior to Adaptive Design, would not have worked. They would have not seen the overall picture.”
Allison Brunk
Clinic Administrator, Family Medicine Northridge, UnityPoint Clinic, Iowa


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